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New craft beers, news, events and the Fábrica in the media.

Craft Beer Happy Hour

From 16:00 to 19:00, only 1€ the craft beer glass. Promo expired in June 2019.

During February, 1€ is enough!

In February 2019, A Factory of Picaria has the craft beer at 1 €! It's a great opportunity to drink great homemade beer in a happy hour that…

Pint of Science in A Fábrica

Three days, three conversations about science, accessible to all, around the craft beer of A Fábrica da Picaria.

Old Pricks Concert at A Fábrica

Live Music + Craft Beer? Perfect Match!

Job Offer

The A Fábrica da Picaria team is growning

All About Porto

"Maybe the enthusiasm has taken over us, but the experience of drinking a craft beer, really produced there, is divine."