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How the first brewpub in Porto came about. A bit of beer love story.

Sobre a Fábrica da Picaria - Cervejaria Artesanal

A Fábrica - The Factory

A Fábrica da Picaria (The Picaria Factory) is a trendy, cosmopolitan, signature, tasteful place where you can appreciate a craft beer in a mix of manual and industrial environment while getting the notion of all stages of the various cycles of beer production.

A Fábrica da Picaria allows you to have the unique experience of being able to taste the beer directly from the fermentation tank.

Our beer is not Filtered.

Our beer is not Pasteurized.

To get along with the craft beer you can also taste tapas and very typical sandwiches from Porto and other places in Portugal, that are the perfect match for our beer. It’s located in downtown Porto, near the centre of the current nightlife and a place of great amusement.



Our goal is that you feel great in a comfortable and relaxed place with a kind of industrial look. The tables are located inside the brewing area and customers will be able to watch the small brewery working and willingly give a hand in the different stages of the brewing process.

The quality of our beers is assured by the know-how of our team, with the required level of process control, a high-level hygienic practice in all stages of the production chain, our special recipes and the choice of the best raw materials, all contributing to make our beers unique.