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The brewpub A Fábrica da Picaria - Artisanal Brewery

Local d'A Fábrica da Picaria - Cervejaria Artesanal

The brewpub building

The building of the Factory of the Picaria is dated from 1820. Built in the downtown of Porto, at Rua da Picaria, it was rehabilitated for this brewery with the production of craft beer.

Originally, as most buildings in downtown Porto, the building already had two types of very distinct uses, since floors 1, 2 and 3 were a single-family dwelling, while the ground floor and basement served as a warehouse where latter on the brewery was built from scratch.

For the brewery, the idea was "from the fermenter to the glass": taking the beers directly from the tanks in the space of consumption in order to preserve the maximum purity of the beer, without going through the bottling process. The concept adopted was that of a factory and this resulted, for aesthetic and functional reasons, in the choice of iron and stainless steel inside the Brewpub.

In this way, the fermenters cross the two floors allowing both to have direct access to the fresh beer. The production itself is in the basement of the building, our clients can see the Brewhouse, the fermentation room, and all the piping and pumps in the house.

The architecture was in charge of Like Architects.