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New Porto Style food on A Fábrica da Picaria

Posted by admin at 09:00 on 3 Aug 2020


Fábrica da Picaria - Cervejaria Artesanal, known for its pioneering spirit as the first brewpub in Porto, renewed its menu of snacks.

One Success Leads to Another

The continuous novelties of craft beers produced at the Fábrica da Picaria are already unique and delicious. These craft beers are complemented by a menu of Porto-style snacks - like the typical Francesinha, Cachorrinho à Moda do Porto, without forgetting the eternal Pregos no Pão e Bifanas.

The success of the snacks on the Fábrica da Picaria menu made it possible to complete the offer to already loyal customers, who in addition to beer intended to spend more time in the relaxed and informal atmosphere of A Fábrica da Picaria.

With the improvement of the indoor terrace - now with the possibility of coverage - and the opening of the terrace on Rua da Picaria - also covered and very pleasant, with privileged views to this very typical street - this brewpub felt the need to expand the gastronomic offer.


What's New: Porto-Style Snacks

Portion of Top Sirloin Beef Porto style! Two hundred grams of rump sealed and finished in the oven, with homemade potato slices already look delicious, when we add “à Moda do Porto” we have an egg and the Francesinha d’A Fábrica sauce, which has received so many compliments. This star of the most recent letter is, therefore, a finger-licking dish, with very tender meat.

The Fábrica da Picaria also has the typical Porto hot-dog available and, on an inevitable crossing, transformed it into a Special Hot-Dog, with an extra layer of cheese and served on a plate with the inevitable sauce: we don't change a winning combination.

The hamburgers also benefited from a remodelling: the Factory transformed them into Hambúrguer d'A Fábrica and Cheeseburger, both made with steak, a single hamburger of generous proportions and able to satisfy the most hungry.

News from Porto also comes from the South and the Islands

From outside of Porto news arrive: the Prego de Atum, a sandwich of pure tuna, sealed in the perfect spot and with butter sauce; and in a more seasonal aspect, one of the best friends of craft beer: Pratinho de Caracóis (escargot dish). Come and enjoy yourself!