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Craftbeer in Porto's first brewpub?

In A Fábrica da Picaria of course.

Check this report on craft beer, made entirely in the Fábrica da Picaria - Picaria Factory - or A Fábrica, as our friends call it. As we were the first brewpub in Porto, we have in mind the responsibility to continually represent the craft beer production of our city.

The craft beer we produce has a characteristic that makes it very special: it's 100% craft beer made here, and it goes straight from the tanks to the glass. No beer bottles, no oxygen pick up, no Pasteurization, no centrifuges, no kieselguhr filtration… well this is craft beer as pure as it can be.

What's for eating?

To get along with our craft beers.



What's for drinking?

Craft beer, obviously.

Where is it?

how to get to our brewpub.

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