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Pint of Science in A Fábrica

Pint of Science in A Fábrica

Posted by admin at 14:00 on 11 May 2018


The Pint of Science Portugal is a festival dedicated to science and takes place in several countries of the world. Researchers present their projects in bars in a simple and relaxed way so that the exchange of knowledge and scientific discussion is accessible among all present.

This year the festival will happen simultaneously in 19 countries, including, for the first time, Portugal.

The motto "Have a lot of Energy" is the theme of the first day, on May 14, at Fábrica da Picaria, at 20:30.

The conversation goes through the evolution of fossil fuels: past, present and future - Jorge Ribeiro - and Electric Mobility - with Isabel Lima. Following are more conversations days 15 and 16.

Learn more about all themes and places here: http://pintofsciencept.wixsite.com/2018/porto